Haraliah Polytechnic, Bhalki

Bhalki is a town centrally located in Bidar district. The town is so located that it has got mixed culture of Maharastra, Andhra, Karnataka; it further gives a combined taste of Rural and Urban life. Bhalki is at a distance of about 40 km from Bidar. The Polytechnic was established on 1st June 1987 in this region untiring efforts of Shri Bheemanna Khandre then Chairman of S.V.E. Society with the aim of bringing quality technical education at their doorstep and also amalgamate youth of the region with main stream by arming them with education. Presently the polytechnic enjoys an enviable position in Karnataka with results of over 90% in all courses. The Government of Karnataka has recognized this institution as community Polytechnic which is special status. Polytechnic is housed in its own building has its own large campus with all facilities for sports, co-curricular and extra curricular activities for overall development of students. The Polytechnic has highly qualified faculty with well equipped laboratories, workshops and Library with large collection of books including e-books and journals of its own. Carrier counseling is also offered to final students and efforts are made to conduct campus recruitment by different employers.

The courses offered with combination

  1. Civil Engineering (General)
  2. Mechanical Engineering (General)
  3. Computer Science & Engineering
  4. Electronics & Communication Engineering

Faculty Profile
S.L. No.Name of the FacultyQualificationDesignation
1.Sri.Prof.M.Chandrashekar M.TechPrincipal
2.Sri.C.S. NoolaB.E. (Mech.)H.O.D.
3.Sri.Shivaji Mane M.Sc.H.O.D.
4.Sri.Shard MoreB.E. (C.E.)H.O.D.
5.Sri.Prakash MankariB.E. (C.S.)H.O.D.
6.Md.HaneefB.Tech. (E & CE)H.O.D.
7.Sri.Dhanraj BiradarM.Sc.Lect.
8.Sri.Dharmveer JoteppaB.E. (Mech)Lect.
9.Sri.Somshety Biradar B.E. (E &CE)Lect.
10.Sri.Ashok VankeB.E. (C.E.)Lect.
11.Sri.Shivakumar AstureB.E.(E &CE)Lect.
12.Sri.Kiran MahendrakarB.E.(C.S.)Lect.
15.Smt.Jyoti GadgeB.E.(E & CE)Lect.
16.Sri.Vijaykumar MarkaleD.C.E.Inst.
17.Sri.Ramesh HajnaleD.M.E.Asst.Lect.
18.Sri.Kalayanrao BalateD.M.E.Asst.Lect.
19.Sri.Suryakant SajjanshettyD.M.E.Asst.Lect.
20.Sri.Rajkumar BiradarB.Sc.Inst.
21.Sri.Siddram ChawanB.Sc.Inst.
22.Sri.Pandurang Mehtre D.M.E.Inst.
23.Sri.Shivraj TeliD.M.E.Inst.
24.Kum.Sarika WattamwarD.C.S.Inst.
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